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Nov 21

Holiday Stress

Posted on Sunday, November 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

At our house we’re talking about our upcoming Thanksgiving week.  Questions abound.

Will we all be able to get together at Grandma and Grandpa V’s?  Will we travel together?  How long can we stay?  Who has to get back when?

My dad does not like turkey, we do.  No problem, we have a turkey dinner at our house during the Thanksgiving week.

More questions: When will we get together?  What time?  Who can help with the meal?

Questions. Questions. Questions.

Holiday gatherings are stressful times for many people.

Fortunately, many people share their stress-filled stories with me.

Things turned out okay, but let their stress relieve some of yours.

I invited my crush to spend Thanksgiving dinner with my family and me. He agreed but asked me if he could bring a friend. It turns out his ‘friend’ was actually his girlfriend.


We exchange Christmas presents with our other side of the family during Thanksgiving. I decided to be nice and wrap all the Christmas presents for my mom before she got home from work. It took me more than an hour. I wrapped the last present just as I heard her come home. I placed that last present on top of the stack just as my mom walked in the door. She was relieved until we realized that I hadn’t put gift tags on any of them.


The best intentions can bring more stress to our holidays.

Over the next three days I’m offering practical tips – stress-reducers and stress-avoiders — to make your Thanksgiving gatherings more enjoyable.

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