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Sep 16

Here’s How I Deal With My Sins

Posted on Friday, September 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Here’s how I deal with my sins, honestly and directly, first with God, and then with the people I’ve hurt.

I have found  that the Scriptures, and especially the Psalms, help me to have words to express myself when I am guilty.

Save me, God, for the water has risen to my neck.” [Ps. 69:1]

God I’m drowning. I know I chose what I chose, but I had no idea that this would happen!

“God, You know my foolishness, and my guilty acts are not hidden from You.” [Ps. 69:5]

We could make our request personal to God. Help us. Your reputation is on the line too.

God of our salvation, help us—for the glory of Your name.
Deliver us and atone for our sins, because of Your name.” [Ps. 79:9]

It’s when hypocrites like me give God a bad name that we, like the Psalmist pray,
God, how long will the foe mock? Will the enemy insult Your name forever?
Arise, God, defend Your cause!
Remember the insults that fools bring against You all day long.” [Ps. 74:10, 22]

I screwed up God. Don’t let them disrespect your reputation.
I screwed up God. Don’t let others stay away from you because of me.

I have found, felt, and experienced God’s forgiveness. I believe that you will too.

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