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May 13

Helping The Hopeless

Posted on Friday, May 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

QUESTION: My friend/daughter/son/lover feels hopeless and wishes he/she was dead. What can I do?


1 – If you believe that this is an emergency: Call 911

2 – If you think that there is immediate risk:
Have they thought about suicide recently?
Does he/she have a plan?
Does he/she have the means immediately accessible to carry out their plan there?
Is there anyone else in the home (or wherever their location)?
Call 911

3 – If you feel concerned and want to offer helpful help, here’s help:

Suicide Helplines offers us a helpful survey to help our loved ones access their thinking, feelings and circumstances.

You and your loved one can take the survey here.

The results of this survey will help you assess the situation & choose your next steps.

One helpful steps, as I said yesterday: “I would call Love Lines at 612-379-1199 or the Suicide Prevention Center 612-347-2222 they specialize in helping people with suicidal thoughts 24/7/365.”

Bring on the comments

  1. To often teenage suicide is romanced in the movies as a “easier softed way…” Let me tell you…, there is nothing romantic about suicide. It’s messy physically, emotionally, and mentally. Don’t do it… we love you and want to help. Besides if you don’t grow up you won’t know what we know…, you are not as smart as you think. Ask any grown up…

  2. Thanks Bill!

    Everyone who knows you is glad that you did not give up on yourself despite all the challenges you faced.

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