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Jan 16

Headlines You’ll Never Hear

Posted on Friday, January 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

TooDelighted By The Disappointing Silence Of An Absent Dad

Buoyed By The Blessings Of Being Bullied

Encouraged And Empowered By An Eating Disorder

Today if we turn to CNN, Fox News, Yahoo or Reuters, those are three headlines we will never read. And, if we did, they would only be news because of the absurd unlikeliness of the headline being true.

Last night some friends gathered and shared their stories. Our friends Kyle, Emma and Ellie stepped forward, up from the darkened rows of their seats and into the spotlight. In the glow of the stage lights surrounded by friends, fans and flawed people like them they spoke.

Absent dads who don’t call back wound their children.

The pain of bullying lingers.

The lies that shout from the evils of an eating disorder disrupt good intentions.

Those are headlines.

Kyle, Emma and Ellie challenged us, their listeners, and you are readers, to see ourselves not as victims but as people created and chosen for more in life. They feel chosen by their Creator, and are determined not to settle for an FML-life regardless how painful life can become.

#mysilentscream: “Too many people…”



Bring on the comments

  1. I’ve had to deal with this feeling since my Father died. I lied to myself that i didn’t love him and tried to ignore the pain. I was in denial about everything and became skeptical to the brink of insanity. I question everything, and feel as if their is no meaning in life.

    Are we just all waiting until that dreadful last day our body becomes nothing more than a corpse? Are we trapped in this life with nowhere to go but certain death? That’s what it feels like, and no religion can indoctrinate me into believing something there is absolutely no proof for other than a book written by a man, lies spread throughout time to manipulate and control people. I live my life to attempt to find the answer to my questions, but i can’t.

    They are unanswerable and through countless research i cannot find anything to cope with this fact of death nor do i think i ever will. I know i am not the only one who thinks about this, and thats why most people allow themselves to be influenced so easily by Religions/Cults. If being lied to and manipulated in order to find a place in life, then i want no part of it. I’m fed up with this burden of life and feel that i shouldn’t have been the spermcell to have made it. Although i’m only 17, i feel as if someone else could have lived my life better, or “to the fullest” as many people like to say.

    So my ultimate question really is, do we stay aware infinitely, or are we mortal to the point we truly die off when it all ends? The world may never know, and only one way to find out. Our ultimate fate.

  2. Raul: Thanks for reading and commenting. First off, let me say that though you say “I’m only 17” you express yourself like you’re not “only” anything except articulate.

    I know that you have an “ultimate question”, but let me back up to your first paragraph. You said, “I’ve had to deal with this feeling since my Father died. I lied to myself that i didn’t love him and tried to ignore the pain.”

    You seem very thoughtful and your concerns are heartfelt.

    Q – I read your comment a few times, which is the feeling you have had to “deal with”?

    If that feeling and the feelings, beliefs and circumstances that led to that feeling are key to those that followed, it’s important to start there.

  3. I can’t explain the feeling other then feeling trapped without knowing what’s happening or what’s to come. I can’t run, i can’t hide, one day death will knock on the door and i will be forced to answer.

  4. Raul, I haven’t gone through what you’ve gone through. That said, I emailed you directly.

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