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Jun 9

Go Team!

Posted on Monday, June 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Go Team“Spring Cleaning.”

What came to mind when you saw those words?

A celebration of the end of winter, a chore you dread, attacking chaos, creating order, an invitation to newness or a time to prep for a garage sale, or something else?

Maybe spring cleaning was just something other people did.

Bringing spring cleaning into our family culture is one of my wife’s wonderful contributions to our “team.” As Amy describes it, spring cleaning goes beyond the daily and weekly routines to deep clean.

Spring Cleaning

I’m no fan of cleaning. I appreciate order and structure, but I’m not always a fan of investing in it. On the other hand, years ago Amy sold me on the value of Spring Cleaning and I actually look forward to it.

As winter dragged on and our schedules filled up, I knew that scheduling together would only get more unlikely as summer drew near. That said, I also knew that our family could and would find time to work together.

One day I sat the fam down and together we scheduled a Spring Cleaning day.  We identified specific times that worked for all of our schedules. And, to everyone’s credit, everyone showed up with energy and a good attitude.

Our Spring Cleaning Team

Amy is detail-oriented and well-organized. She sees chaos and wants to create comfort.

Josh is an innovative thinker and a hard worker. He intuitively knows what needs to get done and gets to it.

Shannon is a team player with a great attitude. She’s willing to do whatever needs to get done.

I might take a bit to get going, but once I’m going forward I work long and hard.

#mysilentscream: What are you adding to your team?

More tomorrow.

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