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FrailBart Simpson wrote, “I will not torment the emotionally frail.”

Seth Gobin wrote, “All of us fail. Successful people fail often, and, [they] learn more from that failure than everyone else.”

What doesn’t help? “Getting good at avoiding blame and casting doubt.” To paraphrase Gobin, while it may seem like blame increase your chances for survival and happiness, in fact it merely prevents you from learning from worthwhile failures.

“I will not torment the emotionally frail (including myself)”

Sometimes we put the blame on ourselves. Over the years I’ve probably been hardest on myself when I failed, or when someone was hurt because of me.

My mistakes and your mistakes don’t have the final say about who you and I are.

Let me repeat that: Our mistakes don’t have the final say about who we are.

“… Christ has brought you back to God by dying in his physical body. He did this so that you could come into God’s presence without sin, fault, or blame.” 1

How can we fight against our tendency to blame and shame ourselves and others?

Remember the dignity of every person; every person including ourselves even when we fail. Everyone you have ever known, now know and will ever know is “a special creation of a good and all powerful God.”

Refuse to lash out because of your own fear. “If someone verbally attacks, criticizes or blames you, try not to respond in the same manner”, wrote Norman Wright.

Rebuild wounded people. “Do not blame or criticize the other person. Instead, restore…encourage…edify”. 2

#mysilentscream to frail people, like me, “You’re not alone! Let’s inspire one another to Remember, Refuse & Rebuild.”

1 – Colossians 1:22, GWT

2 – From Norman Wright’s Communication: Key To Your Marriage

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