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Jun 3

Chosen For A Reason

Posted on Tuesday, June 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

photo(2)I’m sitting in my car on a beautiful morning. No, I’m not writing and driving.

The sun is bright. The sky is cloud-free. The temperature is perfect. The breeze is a pleasant cool whisper.

I’m listening to music and thinking.

I’m thinking about what it’s like to be awarded and rewarded; the joy of being chosen.

Chosen on Merit

I’m thinking about what it must have been like to be among the minimized and marginalized and then surprise! You’re chosen and prized.

Last week our friend Bill was chosen. He was recognized. He was rewarded and awarded.

He felt honored.

And, if I read the look on his face correctly, despite his humility, he was genuinely touched when he realized how many people recognized his hard work, his teamwork contribution and his role in the big picture of what TreeHouse accomplishes.

Bill was chosen on his merits.

Chosen Despite Merits

Some people are not chosen on their merits and positive contributions.

Yesterday a young woman I know was chasing a guy I know. The guy is simultaneously juggling the emotions and attention of three gals. Oddly enough he felt confused by their uncertain responses. Perhaps if he had chosen a single young woman to pursue he would have learned to listen more attentively, but he’s a flirt. “I got no time for that.”

Generally speaking he’s a “good guy.” She’s got some issues, but she’s a bright young woman. If they got together not many eyebrows would raise.

Chosen Despite Raised Eyebrows

When Jesus chose his disciples I’m sure many eyebrows raised.

Jesus chose his dozen disciples from the most unlikely places. He didn’t chose the intellectual elite; though there were many strong candidates in the schools of the Pharisees. He didn’t choose the politically powerful; though the sons of the Sadducees were plentiful. 

Instead, Jesus chose from among the minimized and marginalized. He started with two pairs of siblings. If you know young brothers,  you know that their presence added testosterone-fueled fire. And, Jesus didn’t chose anyone, he chose two guys known as “sons of thunder.” Need I say more? I’m guessing they were what we’d call “hell-raisers.”

And if that wasn’t enough he added Matthew – who had gotten rich collaborating with the occupying Roman government – and Simon the Zealot. a former freedom-fighter – who vehemently opposed the Roman oppressors. You know sparks flew between those two when politics came up!

Admittedly, when Matthew accepted Jesus invitation to join him Matthew gave up everything, his past was still his past. You know it came up on those hungry, angry, lonely, tired moments.

Jesus chose them for a reason.

It’s nice to be chosen.

More tomorrow.

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