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Sep 12

Food, Fitness & Four-Packs

Posted on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

As I stepped out of the shower today I looked in the mirror to admire my four-pack. 

Yes, four-pack.  I saw it for a change. 

Usually it’s covered by what used to be piles of pasta, insane amounts of ice cream, or bowls of buffet.

Don’t laugh.  It’s the best it gets at this point: “The food I want or fitness?”

My occasional four-pack used to be a six-pack. And, when I was a skinny kid it was probably an eight-pack, but as Will Ferrell tweeted recently a six-pack on a skinny kid doesn’t really count; it didn’t take any effort.


I was reading the ESPN The Magazine article on Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte.  While Matt was recovering from an ACL knee sprain. His regimen included racing hi two dogs up a hill while attached to a one hundred pound sled.

That takes effort!

I know a little bit about knee injuries. I know that takes effort, courage and determination.

A few winters ago I torn my ACL and MCL playing football.  At the time it was a surreal this-can’t-be-happening-to-me moment.  I was scared how bad I was hurt. 

Hoping it was better than it seemed, I collected my thoughts and moved head.  I — turn away if you have a weak stomach — knew I hurt my knee. I just hoped it was dislocated.

So I lifted my weight off my injured leg.  I relocated the upper leg which was no longer positioned above the lower leg.  I moved the top half of my leg an inch to the right.  Set it back onto the lower leg.  And then I did my best I-think-I’ll-be-okay impression as I stood up.

I “assured” everyone with a cursory, “I’ll be okay.” And stood up to play.

One play later — a touchdown pass I threw to the other team — I was crumpled on the ground hopelessly injured. 

Are you ready for some football?  No.

That day I really knew what it was to repeat over and over mysilentscream: “No!”


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