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Feb 23

Firefox Extensions, pt 1 of 2

Posted on Tuesday, February 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

I love that you can modify Firefox to serve your unique needs by adding search engines, themes, and extensions.


1-Click YouTube Video Downloader – I like to save & play my favorite videos on my computer.

1 Password – Some of you only use one or two passwords, not me. I use 1Password to keep track of them on Macs. I primarily use free programs, but like 1 Password so much it’s one of the few programs I am willing to spend money on. Use a Windows computer? See RoboForm.  Technically 1 Password and Roboform are both toolbars but I think of them as extensions of my browser’s productivity.  So there!

Adblock Plus – I hate being annoyed — and offended – by all those ads and banners the long web page load times. Adblock Plus helps get rid of them. I’m always amazed when I work on someone’s computer who does not have an adblocker how much more trash they see than I do.

Auto Copy – My apologies to the author of Auto Copy, but I really only use it for the “Copy As Plain Text” option, but I love it. If I found one of your brilliant insights I just highlight it, “Copy As Plain Text”, and save it without all the annoying formating, photos and advertisements which clutter and surround your wisdom.

AutoPager – Ever get tired of constantly clicking a link on a page to read a whole article online? AutoPager automatically loads the next page for you. Note – It works great on some sites [] and it’s annoying on others [], but you can change your settings.

DownThemAll! – Ever wanted to download all the articles on a web site but wish that you could grab them all at one time? DownThemAll! does it in a flash.
For instance, I was reading Tom Peters’ and wanted some more.
I went to his Free Stuff page and found several interesting articles.
Rather than “save as” several times
I: Firefox –> Tools –> DownThemAll! Tools –> DownThemAll! –>
I set where I want them saved, for example: Save Files in: Documents/Leadership/Tom Peters
Filters: I checked no boxes
Fast filtering: pdf
Scroll down and yup, 28 articles, in pdf format, are green checked ready to download into the folder I chose.
Hit start and I’m all set!

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