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Feb 25

Firefox Extensions 2 of 2

Posted on Thursday, February 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I extolled the virtues of six of my favorite Firefox Extensions.  Here are are seven more.

Evernote Web Clipper – While creating curriculum or planning ahead for an unwritten article or an as-yet unplanned message I save nuggets I read online with Evernote.  Evernote Web Clipper let me copy and save the article I want.

Extended Copy Menu – My apologies to the author of Extended Copy Menu, but I really only use it for the “Copy As Plain Text” option, but I love it.

For example, if I found one of your brilliant insights I just highlight it, “Copy As Plain Text”, and save it without all the annoying formating, photos and advertisements which clutter and surround your wisdom.   Different than Evernote Web Clipper I use this for a sentence or two or a paragraph of text.

Forecastfox – A quick glance at the bottom of my browser and I see a quick 3-day forecast.  It reminds me to dress for the weather, and sometimes it reminds me to make sure I get away from the computer and enjoy the outdoors.

NoScript – It allows JavaScript, Java and other executable content to run only when I want them to run.  It prevents unwanted prevents exploitation of security vulnerabilities.  It’s a bit paranoid, but I like the control and safety it helps assure.

RoboForm – Some of you only use one or two passwords, not me.  I use Roboform to keep track of my passwords on PCs.  I primarily use free programs, but like Roboform so much it’s one of the few programs I am willing to spend money on.

As I mentioned yesterday, technically 1 Password and Roboform are both toolbars but I think of them as extensions of my browser’s productivity.

Note – Use a Mac?  I love 1Password!

WOT [Web of Trust] – As a researcher I often follow the trail or wade into uncharted waters.  WOT [Web of Trust] warns me to avoid unsafe web sites.

Xmarks – I use several computers, a couple OSs & even run apps from flash drives.  I love having my Bookmarks available to me wherever I go.

Happier surfing!

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  1. Another great password management extension is Sticky Password.

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