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Aug 1

Fear of Water

Posted on Thursday, August 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

021_21I’ll be in water, on water and underwater today.

The fear of drowning is one of my fears. It probably always has been a fear, but childhood bullying certainly made it worse. Sometimes I’m not even aware that I’m thinking about it.

Our Fears

Fear will try to stop us.
Doubts will try to stop us.

We’ll be tempted to duck responsibilities.
We’ll be tempted to from taking chances.
We’ll be tempted to lay low and avoid risks.

Fear has paralyzed many people from
– attempting great accomplishments
– facing great questions
– embracing great opportunities
– joining great adventures
– creating something new
– sharing gifts with others

Self-doubt and fear handcuff all of us sometimes and some of us a lot.

Sometimes the battle is unseen in our subconscious.
Other times it’s in in our heart but hidden their eyes.
And, sometimes it’s in plain view.


Look – I need to become aware of my hidden doubts and fears.
Illuminate – I need to shine light on my fears and not hide from them.
Tear – One positive decision after another will slowly tear my unfounded fear of drowning into a thousand tiny pieces.

I will always be careful around water.
I will always be cautious around water.
I will not always be afraid of water.

God, please help us to trust you for our safety in or out of water.

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