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Jun 17

Father Torii

Posted on Monday, June 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

ANZBc9IGI’m a baseball fan, and a Chicago Cubs fan. I’ve been a fan since I was in first grade. I explained my feelings about the Cubs in my (very-first) silent scream.

Though I’m a Cubs fan, I’ve lived in Minnesota for more than twenty years. The local Minnesota Twins have grown on me. My favorite Twins have been Jim Thome and Torii Hunter.

Torii Hunter

Yesterday I read an inspirational essay entitled, “Torii Hunter is a Father First, Ballplayer Second” by Steve Kornacki.

It sounds like an essay about a noble father, and it is, but when Torii was a young man he was captivated by lustful relationships with women. “Hunter fathered three sons with three different women in a span of nine months in 1994 and 1995.”

Against the odds it’s an inspirational story explaining how Hunter chose to follow biblical principles and a wise mentor as he sought to make the best of his youthful mistakes.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” 1

We may not begin our relationship with God faithfully, but “The more we cultivate the practice of seeking to please God in all things, the more light we will have for our path…If our motive is right, our vision will be clear.” 2

“It will give acute perception enabling us to see God…we shall begin to taste and hear and inwardly feel the God who is our life…More and more, as our faculties grow sharper and more sure, God will become to us the great All, and His Presence the glory and wonder of our lives.” 3

Author Philip Yancey found that in his pursuit of being pure of heart lust got in his way. Yancey explained, “God…requires that our faculties be cleansed and purified before we can receive a higher love,” there is no other way to make room. “That is the motive to stay pure. By harboring lust, I limit my own intimacy with God. The pure in heart are truly blessed, for they will see God. It is as simple, and as difficult, as that.” 4

As Simple, And As Difficult, As That

Sin, John Piper explained, “defiles and corrupts our lives (so) that we cannot see or savor what is best…Paul says that sex and food are ‘to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth.’ In other words, sex and food are designed for believers, the pure in heart…the impurity of sin so distorts our perception that we cannot see God as desirable. Therefore sin makes the greatest joys impossible…Therefore, the corruption of sin is a great joy-killer.” 5

The Apostle Paul wrote that God created sex and food “to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and who know the truth;” the pure in heart. 6

Mysilentscream comes from A.W. Tozer: “Make heaven more real to me than any earthly thing has ever been. Amen.” 7

1 – Matthew 5:8, NIV
2 – From The Nature of God by Arthur W. Pink
3 – From A.W. Tozer’s book the Pursuit of God
4 – From Philip Yancey’s book Jesus I Never Knew
5 – From John Piper’s When I Don’t Desire God
6 – See Titus 1:15 and 2 Timothy 4:3, NIV
7 – From A.W. Tozer’s book the Pursuit of God

Note: The photo of Torii Hunter came from

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  1. As a life-long Minnesotan and Twins fan, Torii has always been one of my absolute favorite players….and I’m even more impressed with him now that I’ve ever been. To a true man of God, Torii, i say “thank you!”

  2. AMEN Todd, Amen! Thanks for reading and commenting.
    I’m honored.

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    I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly. I am quite sure I’ll learn plenty of new stuff right here!
    Good luck for the next!

  4. Thank you I’m honored.

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