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Apr 28

Exposing Blind Spots

Posted on Monday, April 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

God-hand-flickWe all have blind spots in our life; misguided thinking, bad decisions and the like. Often times other people can see our blind spots but we either ignore, deny, or dismiss them.

Last week in Rules Are FOR People I explained that we live in a reckless, rule-ignoring, freedom-focused society. Far too often in our quest for freedom we create a new blind spot.

Tom Peters wrote, “Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.” Expanding on that, Steve Chandler and Scott Richardson added: “One of your skills as a leader will be to show your people that they can accomplish more than they think they can. In fact, they may someday be a leader like you are. One of the reasons your people will wind up admiring you is that you always see their potential. You always see the best side of them, and you tell them about it.” 1

Unfortunately, poor leadership in many sectors of our culture has reduced our vision and added to our societal blindness.


Every week I hear someone declare that they are looking for a government handout.
They don’t want a helping hand, they want a freely available handout.
Well-intentioned people have created a culture of entitlement.

Every week I hear someone complain about our educational system.
They don’t want an education, they want a free system promoting ease.
Well-intentioned people have created a culture of entitlement.

Every week I hear someone complain about their family relationships.
They don’t want to do the hard work to improve their relationships, they expect simple.
Well-intentioned people have created a culture of entitlement.

Where did it go wrong? Pride.


Pride is a poor excuse for self-confidence.
– Pride says “I know the way.”
– Pride says “my way.”
– Pride doesn’t say, “My way was wrong. Let’s look for another, better way.”
Too often we step aside, point a finger elsewhere and deny our responsibility.
Beware the peril of pride.

Two Solutions: Integrity and Accountability

Without integrity even the wisest people can become “the blind leading the blind.”
– Parents who are hypocrites teach their children to be hypocrites.
– Leaders who don’t take the heat for their mistakes are doomed to repeat them.
– Politicians who make excuses, lie and “spin” perpetuates a weak, dishonest culture.

Dishonesty undermined integrity.

Accountability preserves integrity.

Without accountability even the wisest people can become fools.
Accountability, safe accountability, is a precious gift.

– Accountability reminds us who we are when we forget.
– Accountability grounds us when we’re unsteady or tempted.
– Accountability holds us close when we start to wander away.
– Accountability teaches us truths when we’re learning and believing lies.

#mysilentscream: Accountability is an essential part of a fearing God lifestyle — a lifestyle which includes humble interdependence.

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1 – From Steve Chandler and Scott Richardson’s 100 Ways to Motivate Others, Revised Edition

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