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Jun 1

Embrace Your Past

Posted on Wednesday, June 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Looking back on you Memorial Day Weekend family gatherings, what comes to mind?  Fun?  Laughter?  Joy?  Kids playing?  Grandparents telling stories?

Or, not.  Many people look back and only see a past they fear.

Many of us would prefer to trade our family for another.  Sadly, many of you may believe that your past, and your family’s past will determine your future.

Your past does not have to determine your future; it doesn’t have to.

Don’t fear your past, embrace it.

Do you think your family is messed up, dysfunctional? Well some of the Bible’s most famous characters had even more dysfunctional families than you do.

The Bible tells the story of several dysfunctional families.

Adam’s family began with blame and ended in murder.

When Adam ate from the forbidden tree and was banished from Eden he blamed Eve for eating the “apple”. Their bickering probably continued for years and was a bad example for their kids Cain and Abel.

The dysfunctional family got worse

Cain got jealous of his brother Abel and he murdered him.

Cain killed his brother Abel.

Joseph’s brothers threw him down a well, sold him to slavery and told their father he was dead.

Abraham’s nephew Lot offers his daughters to rapists.

There was also incest in their family.

Oh, and did I mention the mothers of Abraham’s two sons had such a bad fight that it still exists today between Jews and Muslims.

Isaac and his mother stole most of the family fortune from his older brother.

His son Jacob has thirteen kids with four different women.

Jacob played favorites too.  The other sons hated Joseph the favorite and sold him to slave traders; human trafficking.

Boaz, whose mom was a prostitute, married Ruth.  Ruth was the grandmother of David.

Sex, Lies & The Truth

David was a popular musician and soldier who later became king.

When David was young his songs were used by God to bring healing and hope.

David was close to God, but after losing his battle with lust he conspired to kill the husband of the woman he had sex with.

Solomon, David’s son, was called the wisest man who ever lived.  He messed up bad.

Solomon, for political and sexual reasons had 700 wives & a harum of 1000 women.

Might sound great to some of you, but it led to the downfall of his family and his whole country.

Rehoboam, Solomon’s son,  fought with his brother and split the country in half.

Manasseh was the worst king in Israel’s history: he rejected God and murdered his son in a religious ritual trying to get the Philistine god Marduk to give him power.

It was into this family Jesus was born.

It was into THAT family Jesus Christ was born.

Your past doesn’t have to determine your future.

Don’t fear your past, embrace it.

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