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May 25

Embrace Your Pain

Posted on Wednesday, May 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

I began at TreeHouse in 1989. More than twenty years later and I’m still amazed each week in our support groups.  Teens and parents bare their souls, reveal their flaws, expose their wounds and share words of wisdom.  I’m so proud of the thousands who have chosen to embrace their pain that they might find healing and wholeness.  It’s their courage that inspires me to challenge my other readers to embrace their pain too.

Embracing your pain is hard.

Embracing pain can take a different shape for different people.  These are the two most common challenges people around me face.  Some people bring into the light what they’ve hid in the dark.  Other people, who talk freely about their pain, have to discover that embracing your pain means more than talking about it, it means doing something courageous about it. Either way, every person has to open up, be genuine and talk about their feelings.

Stacie Orrico – Genuine

You cry yourself to sleep
Sleep at night
But once the night is gone and you prepared to face a brand new day
You hide yourself behind…that mastermind
You’re in disguise
It’s as if you try to put a mask on your pain
You don’t know who you are, what you’re about, where are you now?
You’re becoming someone that you don’t want to be

“God asks suffering people, “how can I comfort you? How great is your pain? … how can I heal your wounds, gaping as wide as the sea?” *  Wounds, “gaping as wide as the sea.”  Many of you know what that feels like.  I’ve never talked with an honest person who didn’t have pain in her or his life.

You are not alone.  And, neither am I.

More tomorrow.

* Lamentations 2:12

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