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Jun 10

Embrace Your Limits

Posted on Friday, June 10, 2011 in Uncategorized



Really?  Limits?

I’m sure it’s a flaw of some sort, but I’m not very respectful of my own limits.

Physical Limits

Since elementary school I’ve struggled to fall asleep.

Some people love to sleep.  Other people need more sleep.

I seldom sleep more than six hours.

Amy’s adjusted.  Josh doesn’t care.  Shannon still chides me, “Dad, go to bed.  You need your sleep.”

I don’t know if I’m dysfunctional, but even when I go to bed at different times I always sleep about six hours.

My body knows it’s limits.  It can only stay still about that long.

On the other hand, I’ve burned out many times.

Many of you have told me to slow down.

Thank you, and I’m sorry when I ignored you.

Power Limits

This week I experienced a renewed reality: I am limited in my ability to protect my family.

Nothing happened; and I am praying nothing will…BUT…

Yesterday Josh bought a GIXXER; a Suzuki 1000cc GSK-R.  It’s a sweet, FAST, motorcycle.

170 MPH fast!

Whew!  I cannot control SO MANY THINGS.

I wish Josh was invisible, he’s not.

I wish other drivers were flawless, they’re not.

Today I am embracing my limits in new ways.

Please embrace us with your prayers.  God is never tired or bored with your prayers, and loves hearing them!

“Please God, keep Josh safe…”

Pray that Josh loves his bike and that we — his family and friends — are delighted that he has such a great mode of transportation.

And, pray that Wes is happy that he gave Josh such a great deal!

Our gratitude will be limitless too!

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