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May 23

Embrace Wonder

Posted on Monday, May 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

I Love Dragonflies!

I know some people are afraid of them, but I love them.

Every year while whitewater rafting I look forward to the areas of the river where the dragonflies fly.

I love when they hover near me.
I don’t often sit still, but I will when I think they’ll land near me.  I want a better look.
I love their beautiful colors — red, yellow, green and blue of stunning beauty.
Their translucent wings defy gravity.
Their eyes capture an amazing amount of information.
I love their curiosity. And, I am entranced by their gentleness.

Dragonflies Make The World A Better Place, And So Do You!

You are fascinating.

You are!

You might feel mundane, insignificant, boring and unimportant.

You’re not.

You’re irreplaceable.

There has never been another you.

Wonder Why You’re Alive?

I know you have.

We all do.

Why are you you? Why here? Why now?

Maybe when you think about yourself and only see mistakes.

I want to remind you that heroes arise from the shame of a wounded conscience, and so can you!

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us …so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” *

Do you wonder what’s special & unique about you? **

1. Ask your close friends and family members. You’ll be surprised by what they will tell you. Often times they will see qualities in you that you would never think of. They might be qualities that you don’t think is special.  It’s enlightening and eye opening!

2. Make a list of your skills. Write them down. Your list might include everything from being able to type, to knowing karate, to fishing, to making the best mac and cheese. Start with 25 entries things. That may seems like a lot of work, but the longer and detailed your list, the better. The point is to list as many skills you can think of.  If you get stuck again ask friends to help you.  From this list, what skills demonstrate unique qualities about you?

3. Ask yourself, “If time and money were no problem, what would I do?” How would you spend your time?  Where would you work? Go to school?  Do for fun?  What choices would you make?

4. Is there anything that you do in your life that when you are doing it, you lose all track of time? Drawing?  Sports?  Talking to friends?  Video games?  Playing guitar?  Fishing?  When time just goes by and you don’t even notice it’s a clue to what’s special about you. When you become so caught in the moment it shows you are connecting with your uniqueness. When has that happened? What were you doing? Write it down.

5. What are your favorite memories? Think about the times in your life when you have experienced the most fulfillment, joy, happiness and a sense of satisfaction. Write them down.  While looking at your list see if there are elements common to these experiences. What’s similar in some or all of your list?, This will help you find clues to one of the many unique qualities about you.

I encourage you to try these short exercises.  Embrace yourself.  Wonder about yourself and see what you learn.

Ephesians 2:10 *

Adapted from 5 Ways to Find Out What’s Unique About You
By Susan Harrington

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