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Jun 9

Embrace Playfulness

Posted on Thursday, June 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today is a holiday for millions of people.

It’s the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL… for many kids.

If you’re an adult think back to your childhood, yes, back then.  It’s the last day of school!  Let the feelings fill you.  That’s how millions of kids are feeling this week!

Embrace Fun

My hope is that we all have a fun, safe and playful summer.

I’m a playful guy and I love playful people!

I am always looking to have some fun.

Some fun is beneficial, some fun is not.

Some fun comes with less consequences than others.


Embrace Other’s Playfulness

Have you caught a free sporting event lately?

Almost everyone likes to have enthusiastic fans.

Join me this summer in slowing down our busyness to enjoy some sports in the local parks.

Today I saw a free lacrosse match in Champlin.

I watch a soccer match last week.

I worked late but I would have loved to catch my son’s softball game tonight.  He got on base every at-bat.  Go Josh!

I’m looking forward to watching my neighbor’s cricket team play soon.  I even offered to “sub” if they needed an inexperienced, clueless, willing player.  Some resume, huh?!?

Tonight I sat watching three skateboarders working on their tricks while playing a game of skate.  Thanks again Noah, Ricky & Malcolm, you rock!

I love watching skateboarders practice their tricks.

I love watching Sepak Takraw too!

I really do, BUT, I haven’t seen a single game of Sepak Takraw this year.

I will see a game and I’ll stop, then and there, and I’ll probably be late for something when I do.

You don’t know about Sepak Takraw?

It’s a bal-game played similar to volleyball, except you use your feet and head instead of your hands.  The spikes are a feat — pun intended — to behold.  The strength, power and flexibility of the Sepak Takraw athletes is amazing!  Here’s a bit of youtube footage, from last year’s J4 2010 Tournamnent in St. Paul, MN between teams from Minnesota and California.

NOTE: I recommend you turn down the volume and skip the rap song that accompanied the video.  It didn’t fit the setting at all.

You and I were created by a creative, fun-loving, playful Creator!  Let’s honor our Creator and have some fun this summer!

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