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May 27

Embrace Conflict & Relax

Posted on Friday, May 27, 2011 in Uncategorized


I got “home from work” Wednesday and went to work.
I sat there worn out, yawning, shoulders aching, back-tight and worked until 2:30am.

You know how I felt don’t you?

Worn out?
Got a headache?
Tense and tired?
Wow have I been there!

Find time for relaxation.

I know, I know!

When my wife Amy or daughter Shannon are reading this I know they are smirking.
“You just told someone else to “Find time for whatever relaxation.”
Hah! When are you going to relax?!?”

I’m trying.

Here’s how some people de-stress in sober healthy ways:
– Tim uses slow, deep breathing
– Josh lifts weights
– Jill uses yoga
– Amy reads or watches TV
– Shannon sings while worshiping God

Today, it’s long-overdue but finally, I slowed down long enough for a chair massage.
Kate Heikes took care of me today. *

We all need to be honest and pay attention to ourselves.

Embrace the conflicts within.

See the stress and confront the stress.

Stress is an age-old problem.

When I’m stressed my favorite thing to do is pray: “Please God help me…”

Need some words to express your own prayers?

Many people pray the songs in the biblical book called Psalms:

Lord, turn to me and help me. Save me. Your love never fails…

My groaning has worn me out.
All night long my tears flood my bed.
My bed is wet because of my crying.
I’m so sad I can’t see very well…
The Lord has heard my sobbing.
The Lord has heard my cry…
The Lord accepts my prayer.” **

When I pray, God doesn’t “make everything better”,

God makes me better; in the midst of what’s going on.

* If you or someone you know needed some stress relieving TLC you can reach Kate here:

** This is Psalm 6.  You can find it here.


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