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Aug 10

Don’t Fake It. Face It!

Posted on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Science was usually my favorite class.   My junior high science teacher — Mr. Eck — enjoyed teaching, loved science and liked teenagers.  Which makes the following story so frustrating.


While some teens face the challenges of A.D.D., A.D.H.D., O.C.D., or O.D.D, I did not.  I didn’t have any of those. I had L.A.Z.Y.  I was lazy and I was good at it.

One morning I began waking up as the sun peaked through my bedroom window.  As I began to stir a question began to form in my still groggy mind.  “What day is it?”

“Monday?  No.  Tuesday…no.  Wednesday…no.  Oh, NO!  OH, NO!

The Science Project! 

“I had all that time to do it and I’m not done.  I’m not even close to being done, and it’s due today!”

I remember hoping that I was dreaming, and this was all a bad dream. 

Have you ever done that?  I imagine someone out there was lucky enough that their nightmare was just a nightmare, not me.  I blew it.  I knew it. [1]

Laying there panicking I wish that I was sick.  Could I be “sick” today?  I wasn’t and I wasn’t going to be able to trick my mom.

Faking it wasn’t going to work.  Facing it was.

Don’t Fake It. Face It!

Lying and excuse-making came easy to me then.  My self esteem was low.  There were many factors that contributed to my low self esteem that I could not control.  My laziness?  That was all me. 

Laziness definitely made my life far harder and helped lower my level of self-respect.

My parents tried to hold me accountable and help me succeed in school, but I was my own worst enemy.

That year, in my favorite class, despite high test scores and all of Mr. Eck’s kindness, I got a “D”.  And, I was lucky that I did.

Freedom to Fail

God is kind.  God has great hopes and dreams for us.  God has great blessings for us.

God will also let us fall flat on our face. 

God had plans to bless a group of people, but they were lazy and blew God off.  Like my science project they didn’t think it through.  They didn’t see the natural outcome.  My test scores had been protecting me from a bad grade.  God’s protection had been protecting those people from trouble.  When they backed away from God, God let them.

Therefore, this is what the LORD says: You have not obeyed me; you have not proclaimed freedom to your own people. So I now proclaim ‘freedom’ for you, declares the LORD—‘freedom’ to fall by the sword, plague and famine…” [2]

God gives us the freedom to fail.  Please don’t let laziness take you down too.


1 – The first time I heard comedian Brian Regan tell his Science Fair story I blurted out-loud, “I did that!”  Give it a listen:  Brian Regan and the Science Fair

2 – Jeremiah 34:17, TNIV

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