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Feb 14

Don’t Fear Love – Pt 11 of 10 – No or Low Cost Valentine’s Day Gifts

Posted on Monday, February 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Amy and I started dating in December. We started dating in time for me to get her a Christmas present. I love to read. I thought I would give her something that she might enjoying reading too. As my friends at TreeHouse would say, “FAIL!”

Someone once said, “the sure sign of insanity is when someone continually repeats the same action expecting different results.” As insane as it might be I have given Amy many books as gifts.

I would like to tell you that my gift giving has improved over the years, but it really hasn’t; at least not of my own accord.

Fortunately, our kids, Josh and Shannon, are very astute and more than once while they were shopping with Amy they heard her say something she wanted for a present and “Voila!” I picked out a brilliant present.

Maybe you planned ahead and have a great gift picked out. And, maybe you’re in a panic just like I was on our first Valentine’s Day. It’s a legendary story that I would rather Amy tell you, but you definitely do not want to do what I did or give what I gave!

I don’t know what you should give, but here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas that won’t cost you much if any money.

No or Low Cost Valentine’s Day Gifts:

1. Go on an online fantasy shopping spree.  Imagine you had $100 or a $1000 to go crazy for one another.  “Shop” together and tell her or him what you would like to buy and why.

2. Bake some heart-shaped cookies or fudge: this one is really easy, and not expensive.  Baking together is a fun and yummy way to spend time together.

3. Create a list of  “20 reasons” you like one another.  At TreeHouse we encourage unconditional love.  We call it “love without strings”.  Love is unconditional, but “like” is a whole other thing.  Go crazy and make a fun list of things you like about him or her.

4. Find a love poem online and read it to one another.  Talk about how it applies to your relationship.

5.  If you’re really daring write a love poem and read it together.  Talk about how it applies to your relationship.

If you choose one of those ideas, or another one I’m sure it will be better than the hippo pillow.  Oh wait, never mind, that’s Amy’s story to tell.

I hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

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