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Nov 11

Do You Like To Name Drop?

Posted on Wednesday, November 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

Have you ever met a celebrity?  A favorite band?  A compelling author?  A poet whose words changed your heart?  A doctor who changed your health?  A therapist who changed your mind?  A minister who changed the direction of your soul?  A friend who help heal your wound?  A lover who helps heal your aloneness?

Do you like to name drop?

You might be impressed if I said I play basketball with Lebron, play guitar with Rodrigo, or sing with Christina.  You might want to sit down and have coffee with Jimmy Carter and me.

I don’t know any of them, I know God.

I know God and if you don’t know God I’d like to introduce you to God.

God will change your life.

– Joy will fill you.
– Grief will not overcome you.
– Loneliness will not capture you.
– Love will change you.

I would like you to listen to S.M. Lockeridge explain who God is.  He does so passionately and profoundly.

Give him a listen — it’s worth your time.

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