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Feb 19

Dating Drama – Unstable Foundations

Posted on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Broken_wall_texturesOften times when people contact me about their relationship problems it’s because their relationships were built on unstable foundations.

Let me explain, relationships, like buildings, need a firm and solid foundation including:
– Honesty
– Respect
– Kindness
– Thoughtfulness

Unfortunately, many relationships begin just the opposite:
– Dishonesty
– Suspicion
– Selfishness
– Greed

Oh, I know that sounds harsh, but it’s true. Consider these four examples:

Example 1 – Because of deep-seated fears rooted after the loss of her mother at a young add she guards herself with dishonesty.

Example 2 – Because of family conflicts that have existed in her family for generations she has learned that people – all people – should be assumed to have hidden agendas.

Example 3 – Because of the ugly divorce his parents went through every word his father seems to say about women is filled with anger and resentment. The toxic words taught the young man that selfishness will protect him from selfish women.

Example 4 – Because of the emotional and economic poverty of his childhood now he wants “what he can get.” That echoes through all areas of his life, especially in relationships with women.

Broken people break people.
Hurting people hurt people.

Bad foundations lead to relationship-rot.

But is it always doomed to crumble?
Is it destined to fail?

Not necessarily.

Tomorrow: How to Build a Friendship with Someone You’re In A Relationship With

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