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Loving “Cutters” & Other Self-Injurers

For more than twenty years I’ve been supporting people who self-injure and their loved ones who try to navigate their feelings, thoughts, beliefs, concerns and fears. That said, I’ve collected the posts on that seeks to support you and your loved ones.

They’ve been a blessing to others, I hope they bless you and your loved ones too.

1. Caring About Cutters & People I Don’t Understand…Like Me

2. Why Do People Cut Themselves?

3. Feeling Hopeless – Two Lies & The Truth

4. Stop Fearing The Unknown

5. Overcoming The Fear Of Being Exposed

6. I Can’t & Other Lies

7. Living Afraid. “They Will All…”

8. Relapse, Slipping, Backsliding & Other Backbreakers

9. Wounding Yourself After Being Wounded

10. Help For The Hopeless

11. Helping The Hopeless

12. Vices: Yours, Mine, and Ours

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