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Jul 29


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CuresToday’s chalkboard confirms my intentions today: “I will not sell miracle cures.”

I don’t have a miracle cure, and if I claimed to I would quickly be exposed as a fraud.

The Fear Of Exposure Perverts Our Thinking

“Psychologist Larry Crabb says that the primary motivation for all of our social behavior is a fear that if others really knew us as we are, they would reject us in disgust. This fear of exposure is rooted in our sense of the ugliness of our fallen natures as they have been perverted and corrupted by sin. Satan delights in inflaming this fear…”

“M. Scott Peck has observed that the central defect of evil people lies not in the fact that they sin but in the fact ‘that they refuse to acknowledge (their sin)’. He also points out that evil people are the people of the lie, ‘deceiving others as they also build layer upon layer of self-deception’.”

Many people will sell religion or self-help. I’m offering you what’s helped me.

In college, during “the sober years,” I was looking to crawl out of the psychological and spiritual hole I’d created and fallen into. It was upon an ugly orange fabric lounge chair I learned these two principles. Understanding significance and security has helped me see myself more clearly. They also helped me to assess when anxiety, fear, depression, and disappointment rose to the surface and threatened to sink me.

The Fear Of Exposure Is Overcome By A Grounded Sense Of Significance & Security

God offers significance. Significance is “a purpose for living which will give me a real and lasting impact on my world and a purpose which I am completely adequate to accomplish.”

God offers security. Security comes from unconditional love.  “People need that kind of love.  We need, really need, to be loved as we are, loved at our worst.  We need to regard ourselves as worthwhile.  In order to do so, we must not only be significant but also be secure in the unconditional love of another person.”

Quick question: If you had to choose one of the two – significance or security – which one do you treasure at least slightly more in your life?

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Note – Quotes from Larry Crabb’s Basic Biblical Counseling

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