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Oct 24

Courageous Sacrifice

Posted on Thursday, October 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Gabbys MomOlympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas is coming to TreeHouse today!

I’m enjoying learning more about this courageous and determined young woman.

Who is one of your favorite superheroes, and why? Why do we like stories about superheroes so much?

Many of us admire heroes for the sacrifices that they make for other people.

Courageous Sacrifice

Watch this video.  We admire Gabby for the sacrifices that she has made to achieve her gymnastics goals.

Gabby said, “Life is not easy you have to fight and not quit. I’m gonna fight for my dream.”

Gabby’s fight was hers, but she was not the only one who has sacrificed.

I actually admire the sacrifices that people around Gabby have made as much as I admire hers. Watch this video called Raising An Olympian.

There were many courageous sacrifices in the raising of Gabby the Olympian.

Gabby lives far from family and friends and works very HARD.
Missy Parton gave up space in her home and their family’s privacy.
Gabby’s siblings had to give up their own sport dreams so Gabby could compete.
Gabby’s mom Natalie Hawkins allowed her daughter to live half a country away.

Gabby’s mom Natalie Hawkins was able to make her sacrifice because she has two beliefs that encourage her.

Gabby’s mom Natalie Hawkins believed that, “Family is not just blood.” She treated Missy Parton Gabby’s host mom and her kids like family. Gabby’s mom also believes that, “There is no greater join than for a parent to watch their child reach their dream.”

That’s true for her.
That’s true for some of you moms.
That’s true for some of your moms.
Unfortunately, that’s not true for all moms.

Sacrifice is hard.
Sacrifice is costly.
Sacrifice is courageous.

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  1. I think I have started using the word love in the place of sacrifice. It seems more and more that I am not giving up something, it is more love than anything. As for favorite super hero….I don’t have one, but I do have a hero, and that is my mom. I know it is cliche, but it is true. Too bad when I was younger I didn’t realize how wonderful she was. Glad I have her in my life, she makes things so much brighter in every way.

  2. Thank you for your insightful comment!

    I also love that you’re seeing your mom’s love (loving sacrifices, wink-wink) more clearly. I imagine that as you and your mom have grown up together that through the years her expressions of love fit more clearly how you prefer to receive love. Time can be a wonderful bridge-builder.

    I hope your precious little one always has 20-20 love-vision with you and Aaron.

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