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Dec 31


Posted on Wednesday, December 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

construction-410029-m2014 has been a busy year. Sometimes it’s felt like this picture, a pile of rubble that caution-tape couldn’t hold back.

That said, I feel very blessed; #mysilentscream was again blessed by thousands of readers in more than eighty countries.

I had no idea what 2014 would contain. At the dawn of 2014 I’d never…
– heard of ISIS
– expected $2 a gallon gas prices

Nor did I know work and home changes would include:
– TreeHouse colleagues coming and going
– I’m on a ten-month curriculum re-write project
– My wife would triple her work-hours!
– Shannon got to serve with her big heart in the DR & the Philippines
– Speaking of big hearts we’re thrilled with Josh and Anna’s engagement
– BUT we never thought we’d add Josh’s dog Mya to the household

What happened in your year that you didn’t predict?

The future is uncertain.
The next day is not promised.
Sunday Peter Kapsner asked, “How do we walk into the perpetual unknown?”
That’s #mysiletnscream.

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