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Feb 10

Clutch Plays At Home

Posted on Friday, February 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Mario Manningham, the NY Giants wide receiver was a good receiver in 2010, but the 18th worst at catching the football this year.  Fortunately, when it mattered most he caught the football that helped save the season for the Super Bowl winning Giants. 1

Most of us live life like Manningham, success one moment and we fail the next.  We want to be the best but stumple into stupid fights with the people we love the most.  It’s a those times we need to be the clutch player and choose to do what’s most needed.

Clutch At Home

People closest to us are often the most available — and least risky — target for our wrath, because we take them for granted.  The people we care most about tend to be our outlet for stress-related problems that really have nothing to do with him or her.

Girlfriends growl at their boyfriends when they feel afraid that their grades are dropping.

Husbands howl at their wives when they are really frustrated that their boss does not see or value their real skill set.

Parents pour out wrath at their kids they wish that they could dish onto their customers.

Teens give the silent treatment to frustrated parents when their silent wrath is really self-directed.

You can avoid these vicious cycle by bringing S.A.L. home.

SAL — named after my co-worker Sally —  is a peaceful, fun-loving, restorative presence.

* SAFE ZONE – After a stressful day at work, school, the gym or life in general most of us need time alone to calm down before they’re ready to talk and be civil. A 15-minutes of down time with SAL might be just right before you say something just wrong.

* ALLOW GRIPE-TIME – Healthy relationships have room for rant-filled unhealthy thinking.  Such times to download emotions and for slam the right person time will save good relationships misguided “what was that all about moments.”

* LISTEN CAREFULLY – Behind the strong winds, deep behind the storm clouds, are the hopes and dreams of your loved ones.  Listen careful and find out what needs are being unmet, hopes thwarted and dreams delayed.  When feelings are expressed listen.  Patient listening — not problem-solving — is the key to avoid venting your frustrations on each other.

The preceding three principles work for parent and kids, sweethearts who are dating  and married folks.

The evidence of genuine life transformation is often exposed most often in the living room and in the bedroom through genuinely loving and caring actions.  

This week bring SAL home and you’ll enjoy life in the living room and the bedroom more.

[Insert Isaac’s — Sally’s husband — joke here]

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