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Feb 6

Clutch 4 Life

Posted on Monday, February 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Did you watch the Super Bowl?

Here’s a short summary:
Eli Manning was poised.  
Tom Brady looked panicked.
Aaron Hernandez dropped two passes.  
Mario Manningham caught the one that mattered most.

As you can imagine Manning and Manningham play for the Super Bowl winning New York Giants.

Winners Win

NFL players are generally assumed to be the best players in their sport in the world.  While some would argue that the Giants and the New England Patriots were not great teams, they were successful and won when it mattered most.

The Patriots had one final chance to win the game as quarterback Tom Brady threw a long pass which was tipped away by a defender falling out the reach of a prospective hero trying to catch the ball.

Consistent plays and “Clutch plays” were the keys to success.

Clutch Plays

I’ll define a clutch play as productivity — when what needs to happen happens — when it’s most needed.

Clutch plays don’t just happen in football games.

Clutch plays happen in the lunchroom.
Clutch plays happen in the living room.
Clutch plays happen in the boardroom.
Clutch plays happen in the bedroom.

We can count on her.  She has poise.
He produces in the clutch.  He’s reliable.

This week mysilentscream will look at ways that we can be Clutch 4 Life.

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