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Jun 7

Choose Wisely

Posted on Thursday, June 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Like you I loved summer vacation.  I was not — surprise — a sleep-in kinda kid.

I was a play-outside kinda kid.

One of my favorite places to play was at our neighborhood playground.

I loved sliding on the slide.

I loved swinging on the swings.

As the school year ends and summer begins here is some relationship advice that helped others.

Choose Wisely When Relationships Slide

Short tempers unsettled leads to impulsive thinking.
Impulsive thinking untamed leads to quick choices.
Quick choices unresolved leads to short-term planning.
Short-term planning unrestrained often leads to long-term consequences.

Choose Wisely When Relationships Swing Back And Forward

If you’re thinking a conflict is inevitable here are a few guidelines to consider.

Fight for the relationship…not against it.
Fight for reconciliation…not for revenge.
Fight to preserve the friendship…not to manipulate your friend.
Fight to impress your crush with your character…not to imitate her or him.
Fight to win your spouse’s respect…not to win the argument.
Fight to save your marriage…not to save your reputation.
Fight to find a solution…not to satisfy your selfishness.
If you are going to fight, fight for a win-win.

Choose wisely and have less relationship regrets.


Note – This list is adapted from a list originally credited to Dr. Richard C. Halverson in 1980 citation unknown.

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