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chalkboardMost Simpsons television episodes begin with an opening sequence of several short clips including Bart Simpson satisfying a consequence by writing a phrase on the classroom chalkboard.

Known as the chalkboard gag, “the chalkboard gag is a running visual joke that occurs during the opening credits of many episodes. In this gag, Bart Simpson is writing a unique phrase on the chalkboard repeatedly; when the school bell rings, he immediately stops writing and runs out of the classroom.” 1

This week we’ll look at a few chalkboards and how they may or may not be written on the chalkboard of our lives.


As we move through our daily lives, our decision-making reflects our values. Our decisions reflect what we have learned.

The chalkboards of our lives would display that we have learned that…

We want safety.
We need to feel safe.
We want to believe that we are safe.
We want to balance significance with security.

“The most basic need,” wrote Larry Crabb, “is a sense of personal worth, an acceptance of oneself as a whole, real person. The two required inputs are significance (purpose, importance, adequacy for a job, meaningfulness, impact) and security” (unconditional love). 2

If you wrote on your chalkboard, Where does your significance and security come from?

More tomorrow.

1 – From the Simpsons Wiki
2 – From Larry Crabb’s Basic Biblical Counseling

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