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Dec 21

Budgeting Made World Change A Reality!

Posted on Monday, December 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

I love today! What we’re doing today makes today one of my favorite days of the year.

Today is our help others change the world day.

I’m writing this not to sound prideful nor to get your accolades. I’m writing because if you don’t have a day like today I think you will want one.

Today is the day when we give away the rest of our random donations money. Gratefully, though I sit home this week on an unpaid furlough, I have a job. Though my wife Amy’s part time hours got cut back, she has a job.

I am very grateful we have jobs!

I hated making our budget, but I love the freedom and the self-discipline our budget has provided us. Again, we cannot budget what we do not have, I am very grateful that we have jobs!

In gratitude we try to help others. Each month we set aside money for our regular charities and causes including TreeHouse. I believe that TreeHouse changes lives and donate to TreeHouse every month. We also set aside money each month for other charities, causes and people in need.

Today our gratitude becomes a reality. Budgeting Made World Change A Reality!

As a family we sat down and split up our other charities total. We discussed issues that moved our hearts. Like you we care about global, national and local concerns. We did not resolve anything permanently, but our donations:

– Allowed a woman in Togo to run her cereals business
– Bought chicks and honey so that family could eat and start a small business
– Helped a Filipino man to finance his pig farm
– Provided money for a foreign missionary to help his own people
– Bought food for six children to eat for a month
– Gave a small gift to the family of a murder victim
– Bought medicine, a goat, more chickens, and clothing
– Gave money so that two Aids orphans will have more hope
– Provided food and shelter for the homeless
– Helped others pay for a freshwater well for a village without one
– Human trafficking [slavery] will not go away today, but we made a small dent

All this was possible because of God’s provision and budgeting. If you would like to make a greater impact in our world consider intentionally setting aside money each month.

You will LOVE how it feels to have a day like we are having today.

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