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Jan 12

Broomball & Buddies

Posted on Thursday, January 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Broomball has always been an equalizer sport. Unless you play on a club level or a national level like my friend Paul Thyren, most of us play broomball for fun.

Fun racing around on slippery hockey rink with street shoes or boots wielding awkward brooms; then in a moment of hope you swing the broom hoping to connect with the ball and send it into the opposition’s goal.

Broomball Buddies

Broomball is a great sport to enjoy wintery fun with friends. Here from the winter of 1996 is my dear friend the late Adam Bieringer. Adam passed away in April of 2010 much too young.

Adam was someone who could make a friend with any and everyone. He was loyal and would do anything for a friend.

He needed the patience of others, but gave many of us more chances than we may have deserved.  I wish we had more time together.

Lie – Time Heals All Wounds

I miss Adam.  In “Healing Is a Choice” Stephen Arterburn wrote, “The big lie is that time will heal your deep wounds. ‘Bide your time and one day you will awaken and feel better’ is … false hope … I have not found it to be true in my own life or in the lives of others. In fact, it is just the opposite … we want to believe we just need time. What we need is time well spent resolving our pasts and healing our wounds.

How you mark your time can be the most powerful healing choice you can make. Will you spend your time alone and hurting on your own? If you do, there is not much chance that the wounded mind that got you there is going to help you out. That mind will just drive you further and further away from where you could be from where God wants you to be.

If you want time to be healing, you (need to) seek out the places where healing occurs and spend your time there doing the work required.

Refuse to believe or live in the lie that time is going to heal you.

Time WILL fade the pain and lighten your despair, but it will not heal ... grieve your losses, let go of them and your expectations, and grab on to the life that is available.” 1

Love Lasts

Adam was a special guy.  This Christmas I wish I could have called Adam and asked how his life, loves, and family were doing.  I couldn’t.  The longing, the hurt, the sorrow remains, but so does the gratitude for the good times we shared, like being broomball buddies.

1 – Healing Is a Choice is available many places including on


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