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Jan 9

Broomball & Blunders

Posted on Monday, January 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

On more than one occasion someone has suggested that I am competitive. The truth is they’re right, but it’s much deeper than that “I am competitive.”


I learned to play broomball courtesy of Bethel U’s VP Ralph Gustafson. In 1987 Ralph was the youth pastor of Bethel Baptist Church of Green Bay, WI. I was Ralph’s “Youth Ministry Associate” or some such title. I worked long hours, got paid for a few and loved my boss and the teens so much I volunteered the rest of the time.

Broomball for the Chicagoans, and the rest of the uninitiated, is a hockey-like sport played on an ice rink with any footwear EXCEPT ice skates while using a ball instead of a puck.

During the Winter of 1987 I was eminently aware that I had few broomball skills, I ran recklessly and carelessly on the ice, and I was a danger to opponents and teammates alike.

Then and now, when I am on a broomball rink, I am painfully aware that I am usually not as skilled as my opponent.

Healing Is A Choice, pt. 1

As I wrote yesterday, “Healing Is a Choice” by Stephen Arterburn was a worthwhile read.

Throughout this week I will explore and expose you to some of his insights. I hope the taste of his wisdom will prompt you to buy his book and talk through it with friends. 1

“We are all broken in some way. We all experience failures of various kinds. After a great tragedy, redemption is our best hope at becoming useful again. It means that God can still use us in spite of our history or circumstances. Why? Because He redeems both!”

If we are going to heal, we must make the choice to face the truth of what is happening to us, accept it, and embrace it.

1. Can you remember a time in your life when you were forced to face a situation that seemed overwhelming and out of control? Describe how you felt.

2. How did you “face it”?

3. How did you recover?

When it comes to facing and embracing our problems, we really have no choice. The problems exist in reality, which we cannot change. Embracing them means we are accepting reality as it is. We may not like it or want it, but anything other than acceptance is denial.


1 – Healing Is a Choice is available many places including on

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