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Jan 11

Broomball & Blizzards

Posted on Wednesday, January 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Broomball In A Blizzard

The snow fell relentlessly. By the end of the game the ice on the rink was covered by inches of snow.

My friend Matt Benson, pictured here, was playing goalie during this Spring storm. He lay in goal on a comfy layer of fresh snow.

He’s safe but more than once while playing broomball I’ve been bruised and bloodied, but on this particular day I felt nearly invincible.

Snow fell while we raced across the ice. The falling snow made falling on the ice a far safer venture than usual.

On other days broomball played on a slick wet sheet of ice can be almost scary.

Blizzards in Life

In “Healing Is a Choice” Stephen Arterburn asked, “Are there some things you’re doing that are causing you to be separated from others and from the life you could be enjoying?  Are there areas of your life that are full of conflict and struggle that you wish would just go away? 1

Have you ever walked away from a conversation or a fight wondering why you did what you did or said what you said?

Almost everyone has, but not everyone goes through the pain and struggle of getting to the “why” behind the choices that are causing problems, conflict, and emotional turmoil. We heal our lives as we begin to search for truth about why we do what we do and why we feel the way we feel.”

Following are twenty questions that will aid in taking inventory of your life:

1. Starting as early as you can remember, who were the people in your life who hurt you?

2. Was there anything you did to bring on that hurt, or were they solely responsible?

3. What was your reaction to that hurt? Did you forgive them, hold on to a grudge, or try to seek your own revenge?

4. Is there any way you could have altered your reaction to the hurt?

5. Starting as early as you can remember, who were the people in your life whom you hurt?

6. Did they do something first that hurt you, or were you acting without provocation?

7. Who have you hurt the worst? Arrange your list of those you hurt in the order of the most damage to the least.

8. What was your reaction when you first realized you had hurt each person?

9. What have you done to rectify the problem caused by your hurtful actions?

10. Is there anything you could do to make restitution?

11. Are you aware of your five greatest strengths? Write down what you think they are, and then ask five other people to tell you what they think they are.

12. Are you aware of your five greatest weaknesses? Write down what you think they are, and then ask five other people to tell you what they think they are.

13. What have you done to misuse your strengths? Have you been a good steward of them or have you wasted them?

14. What have you done to use your strengths well? Ask the same five people as in the previous questions where they have seen you use them well.

15. What have you done to correct or work on your weaknesses?

16. What could you do to work on them? Make a list.

17. What could you do to make restitution to those you have hurt?

18. Who could help you walk through a path of forgiveness toward those who have hurt you?

19. Write down a plan to contact those you have hurt, begin contacting them if it would not cause greater damage, and take notes on the things they tell you about yourself as you discuss the past.

20. Ask someone to be your partner in truth. Ask that person to help you discover the truth about yourself and motivate you to continue to work on the areas that need help.

If you take these twenty steps, monitoring how you feel along the way and journaling those feelings and other insights, I believe you will come to know yourself better. You will be taking what you know and using it to uncover what you do not know.

1 – Healing Is a Choice is available many places including on

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