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Mar 29

Blinded By Fear

Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

 While driving through the mountains of Colorado more than once I felt afraid.  While there are times when fear is unwarranted, trying to drive along a road, without guardrails, with blind curves which with almost 180-degree turns, I felt the discomfort — my fear — was justified.

Some fears are justified, some not.  Sometimes we’re blinded by fear. 1

Blinded By Fear

Robert McGee has identified nine reactions — what I’m calling blind spots — people have when encumbered by a fear of failure. 

Yesterday I identified the first four reactions, here are the other five:

5. Anxiety and Fear – We feel anxious when we think something in our lives might go wrong.  Anxiety, together with fear, often occurs when we are forced into a situation that we believe has a high risk of failure.  The greater the chance of failure, the greater our anxiety and fear will be.

6. Depression – Depression is one of the most crippling symptoms of the fear of failure.  When we become convinced that we’ve failed too often many people convince themselves that they must be worthless.  The shame-filled belief that “I am what I am.  I cannot change.  It’s hopeless.” is toxic to a healthy self-image.

7. Dishonesty – Dishonesty is a common strategy people employ to hide the appearance of failure.  Some people minimize to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.  Other project blame on others.  Still others exaggerate the truth intending to appear more successful than they are.

8. Low Motivation – Some people because of hurtful circumstances and destructive choices exempt themselves from trying; from putting forth effort.  They believe that they lack skills to succeed at anything.  Therefore, rather than face the pain of failure, they display a compelling sense of inadequacy and simply refuse to try.

9. Chemical Addiction – Many people attempt to ease the pain and fear of failure by using drugs and alcohol as numbing agents and diversions.  Chemical pleasures replace genuine feelings, and seem to remove the pressure to perform.  However, once the high is gone, the user can fall into despair, becoming more convinced than ever that he or she cannot cope with real life.  For many people chemical abuse becomes a self-perpetuating chemical addiction trap.

If you or a loved one faces the power of any of these nine reactions — these blind spots — most likely your fear of failure is hindering you from enjoying a healthy sense of self-worth.

If that describes you, you’re not alone.  More tomorrow.

1 – Video of my trip down Highway 14 Colorado Highway 14

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