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Jun 26

Beyond Whatever Summer Preview #2

Posted on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I proposed that “We need a revolution of love.”

I ask: Agree or Disagree? What do you think?

A Revolution of Love

Here’s what I think. Here’s the heart of the book I’m writing: We need a revolution of love

We need to admit life, as we’re living it, is not working.

We need a revolution of love in which we become more dependent upon God and more interdependent upon one another.

The fear of God is a mindset and a lifestyle.

Practicing the fear of God will draw people closer to God, to ourselves and closer to other people.

This revolution of love will include embracing “the fear of God” and embracing honest, humble, unpretentious relationships with one another.

What’s it mean to Fear God? To take God seriously. To take ourselves seriously. To see who we really are. To see who God really is. And, to admit the differences

I came to that conclusion as I studied the Scriptures, myself and the people around me.

What’s Fearing God look like?
– When you feel guilty, stop doing it.
– When you realize you were a jerk, apologize.
– When you screw up, fess up.
– Live each day like it might be your last.
– Stop sinning—even when you didn’t get caught—before you do & really regret it.

How can we fear God so we connect deeper with people? (Acts 2:42-47)
We stop pretending. We examine ourselves to see how special God has made us

How can we fear God so we connect deeper with people?
– We examine ourselves to see our own needs, sins and shortcomings
– We lovingly listen to others to see their needs

We seek to help others meet their needs
Beyond “Whatever”
We need a revolution of love

If you think that this revolution of love sounds a lot like the very best parts of TreeHouse, you are absolutely right!

Bring on the comments

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