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Jan 6

Beyond Whatever – A Revolution Of Love

Posted on Thursday, January 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

I worked the graveyard shift as a desk clerk in suburban Chicago.  While the weekend night were often busy late into the night, many nights I had lots of free time.   I was confined to a small space in a locked office behind glass.  I spoke through a slot below the glass.  I exchanged money and passed room keys through that small opening.

Yes, there were lonely, sleepy nights.

Alone I had several options.  I watched television.  I listened to music. Occasionally I napped.   As a newly committed God-follower I spent hours reading my Bible.

There at the desk I spent many hours getting to know God and about God and about our world.

What I Learned

We are need of a change.  Beyond “Whatever”.  God isn’t changing.  Our world is.

A great deal has changed since I was a child.  Many things have improved since I was a child.  Yet, despite all of the many hard working, kind-hearted people with good intentions our world is not getting better.

We are not more enlightened.

We need a change. We need to work together. We need a revolution of love. We need a revolution of love.

Wouldn’t you like to trust everyone? Wouldn’t like an end of faking & posing, pretension, lying & backstabbing? Wouldn’t you like a hassle-free life.

Wouldn’t you like people to accept you?
Wouldn’t you like people to respect you?
No more using or being used by people!

We need a revolution of love.

The problem is we’re forgetful.

Or, we have become so open-minded that our brains have nearly fallen out.

Sadly, common sense—what everyone knows is true—has become uncommon.

We need a revolution of love

Agree or Disagree? What do you think?

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