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Feb 11

Better Than A Job

Posted on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

heart - daisyI love my job. I love being employed. I hope that you have satisfying and meaningful work. This is not an essay for simplicity nor against having a job. This is a tribute to a friend giving up a great job for a great woman.

Awww if you want, it’s true.

It’s a risk.

It’s a sacrifice.

No job is “perfect”; hence without problems.
No relationship is “perfect” nor problem-free.

But, if you have the chance to build a lifelong love with someone while working a mundane job OR work a great job to return home lonely or to a contentious home, which would you choose?

Right. He is too.

Of course, the future is unclear. Nothing is set in stone. No guarantees that “it will all work out.”

On the other hand, they know one another well. They have the support of those who love them and know them best. And, they don’t need it, but you have my blessing.

#mysilentscream: Better a great relationship than a great job, every day.

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