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Mar 21

Beautiful Flowers

Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Beautiful flowers were commonplace throughout each of the Hawaiian islands we visited.

Their beauty is captivating whether you normally enjoy flowers or not.

Their blooms are big and lush; their colors are vibrant.

Notice how the flowers grow in the field. They never work or spin yarn for clothes. But I say that not even Solomon in all his majesty was dressed like one of these flowers.” 1

As beautiful as these flowers are, the Scriptures reveal that God’s majestic love for us is personal.

Walk into the fields and look at the wildflowers. They don’t fuss with their appearance—but have you ever seen color and design quite like it? The ten best-dressed men and women in the country look shabby alongside them. If God gives such attention to the wildflowers, most of them never even seen, don’t you think he’ll attend to you, take pride in you, do his best for you?” 2

Embrace the love and God and feel beautiful inside and out.

1 – Matthew 6:28-29, GWT

2 – Luke 12:27-28, MSG

Bring on the comments

  1. Thanks for the reminder that I am beautiful even more than these beautiful flowers. You know I forget this truth sometimes. Right now I even feel like flowers do when the sun isn’t shining. They don’t open up and put forth their full beauty like they do when the sun is shining. This for me is because you are not around right now. You are my sunshine which makes me want to put forth my full beauty. God, who created me, sees my full beauty all the time, but next to God, you are the only human being who gets to see it in all it’s glory. I love you and miss you. Amy

  2. Note to self: Leaving town prompts Amy to write the best comments.. =D

  3. That doesn’t give you permission to go out of town a lot!

  4. Hehehe =D

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