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Oct 30

Batman, Superman & Perspective

Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

“If you support _____ immediately delete me.”

That was posted on Facebook, tweeted and repeated passionately in the last few weeks leading up to our national election.

It’s interesting how much anger and vitriol arises during election years.

I see it everywhere.

Even among comic book readers.

At the risk of alienating fans of other fans I’m only going to refer to two set of loyalists, the Batman and the Superman fans.

Recently I read a graphic novel called Trinity by Matt Wagner featuring Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman. In the Trinity there is a conversation between Wonder Woman and Superman about Batman.

Wonder Woman, who had recently met Batman and Superman, realizes quickly how different they respond to crises and conflicts.

She confronts Superman for his tolerance and even support for Batman, whose practices and attitudes are so different than Superman’s.

It’s interesting that a nation that prides itself on freedom digresses into resentment when faced with contrary opinions.

Fear breaks us.
Worry paralyzes us.
Anger engulfs us.
Prejudices delude us.

Rather than fear, worry, anger and prejudice, let’s consider why and how someone else came to their opinion, conclusion and perspective.

Whether we can or cannot agree with one another, we can choose more wisely than our culture seems to be embracing.

Jesus Christ challenges us to choose a better way, “I tell you to love your enemies and pray for anyone who mistreats you.” 1

1 – Matthew 5:44, CEV

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