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Nov 10

Appearance Don’t Matter Except When They Do

Posted on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Two things change today,  mysilentscream gets a new look and so do I.

It’s my birthday & I have a new shirt.

His Life

While watching NFL Films “The Ray Lewis Coaching Tree” I was inspired.

When I watched I felt Ray Lewis’ passion.

His successes and his shortcomings were discussed.  He spent time in jail.  He works a violent job.  He seems self-centered.

As I watched I felt motivated to remember:
– Be careful with my passion, it can hurt people.
– Lead by example and raise the level of the people around you.
– Embrace what’s true and inspire others with it.

So, when I saw a Ray Lewis jersey for a great price on ebay I asked if I could buy it for my birthday.  I’ll wear my jersey to remind me that appearance don’t matter except when they do.

I know that my life is on display.  Many people tell me they’re watching me.

They tease me about my driving, clothes, and hairstyle.

They tell me that things they’ve heard me say challenged their thinking and altered their decisions.

They tell me that questions I’ve asked — “Scott Questions” — ran through their mind for days.

I know I’ll never be on NFL Network, but I know people are watching and listening.

My Life

I’ll never be on NFL Network, but today, on my birthday, let me put my life on display.

Each day I pray that I listen attentively, pray humbly, plan carefully and then act decisively.

One of my most decisive and meaningful decisions is that I want to live unpretentiously, never fake.
– I learn from the past, plan for the future while living fully in the present.
– Whether I live for many days or a short time I want to live each day like it might be my last.
– I say all my “thank yous”, “I’m sorry”s”, pleases and “I love you”s.
– I’m afraid sometimes, but I try to never back down from doing what’s right.

I try to remember that even when things look their worst, my very best hope is to keep hanging onto God and those God surrounds me with.

I want my humor to heal.
I want my power to free.
I want my passion to motivate.
I want my wisdom to guide.
I want my dance to embrace.
I want my love to be unfailing.
I want my life to inspire.

And in doing so, I will live the way I wish everyone else did.

Ray Lewis inspires me but I cannot live his life. I can only live mine.

How will you live yours?

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