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Jan 22

Amazing Tales from the Chicago Bears Sideline by Steve McMichael

Posted on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

BearsSteve McMichael was a fierce, funny and fearsome foe for anyone who played the Chicago Bears during the 1980’s.

McMichael’s book – Amazing Tales from the Chicago Bears Sideline –  seems to be an honest assessment of his NFL experience. He explains that his shortcomings with the New England Patriots contributed to his successes with the Chicago Bears.

One of the strengths of McMichael’s account illustrates the challenges that the current NFL faces to alter the physical tole on players. Pride and drive, testosterone and tenacity drive many men to exceed the limitations. It’s one of the things that makes the NFL so great; it’s also one of the things that costs so many so dearly after their playing days are done.

The Dark Side of the Game by Tim Green explains in great depth about the violence in the NFL.

I enjoyed the book even though I’m sure I wouldn’t have enjoyed being one of the people McMichael victimized. He was brash and a bully. He was loyal and consistent. The man was not a saint but he was a great football player.

Insights and observations from one of the true “Monsters”, this was an enjoyable book to read while the Chicago Bears failed to win a Super Bowl.

Note: The vocabulary and some of the lifestyle choices the author illustrates would not make this the book most football fans would want to give their children or their grandmothers.

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