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Jun 21

Against The Odds Reprise

Posted on Friday, June 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

30255_bad_emotions_9And the meek shall inherit the earth…”

I heard that phrase for the first time when I was in teen. Though a quote from Jesus Christ, I heard it in a song called 2112 by the Canadian trio called Rush.

The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

This is, wrote Dallas Willard, “This is the gospel for a silly world, all the more needed because the silly is made a matter of life and death for many. Sin, for that matter, is silly. If the kingdom did not reach us in our silliness who would be saved? Lostness does not have to wear a stuffed shirt to find redemption…Blessed are the physically repulsive…those who smell bad, the twisted, misshapen, deformed, The too big, too little, (and the) too loud”.

“Even the moral disasters will be received by God as they come to rely on Jesus, count on him, and make him their companion in his kingdom. Murderers and child-molesters. The brutal and the bigoted. Drug lords and pornographers. War criminals and sadists. Terrorists. The perverted and the filthy and the filthy rich. The David Berkowitzs (“Son of Sam”), Jeffrey Dahmers, and Colonel Noriegas…If I, as a recovering sinner myself, accept Jesus’ good news, I can go to the mass murderer and say, “You can be blessed in the kingdom of the heavens. There is forgiveness that knows no limits.” 1

Against the odds, God’s forgiveness is available for them, for you and for me.

Nothing you think about yourself is a surprise to God.
Nothing you have done is a surprise to God.
Nothing you fear is a surprise to God.
God has always been there with you.

God heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds. 2
The Lord is there to rescue all who are discouraged and have given up hope. 3
He renews our hopes and heals our bodies. 4

God is available to listen all-day, all-night, every day and every night. God is where you are when you fall asleep. God is where you are when you wake up in the middle of the night. God is there for you, always.

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1 – Dallas Willard’s book Divine Conspiracy influenced me throughout this series.
2 – Psalm 147:3, NLT
3 – Psalm 34:18, CEV
4 – Psalm 147:3, CEV

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