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Hi, my name is Scott Volltrauer.

Throughout my life I have experienced joy and sorrow, the promise for tomorrow, and felt my hopes dashed. I have learned to persevere and I’ve learned to be a realist. I have been crushed with disappointment and been propped up for another day.

On I hope you’ll find voices which express your own silent screams and hopes for tomorrow. I hope you’ll scream less because you joined us. is a collection of wisdom, wit and wonder.

Since 1989 my professional home has been TreeHouse. Thousands of people have experienced life transformation while participating in TreeHouse programs and developing meaningful supportive relationships at TreeHouse.


When I was a child I had lots of hopes and dreams but I had no idea how hard it would be to live life.

In 1987 I married Amy, a wonderful woman; someone we called in high school, “way out of my league.”  Amy has always been and continues to be a more thoughtful and kind person than me. Despite her good example and best efforts we still have conflicts, and they are not all my fault.

Married more than twenty years, Amy is still my best friend. Together we are blessed to share our lives with two kids, Shannon and Josh, who carry on most of our best attributes — with far less of our worst than they have been exposed to. Our family is a loving, caring family but I had no idea how hard it would be to love people, truly love, people.

When I began working at TreeHouse I quickly found out why so many far more gifted people than I had quickly resigned from people helping roles similar to my own.  It’s hard.  It’s painful.  It can be unrewarding to love people who seem to consciously choose to do exactly the opposite of what would rationally seem kind, loving or sensible.


For each of us who finds life to be hard that we hope or dream I offer mysilentscream.
Read on, you’ll read real life examples, find timely tips and practical suggestions that inspire relationships to thrive. We’re here to help make living life easier.

Relational – Practical suggestions that help relationships thrive.

Inspirational – Read real life examples that help you feel less alone while struggling through life.

Read on, and come back again, soon!

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She's STILL out of my league!

She's STILL out of my league!