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A Treasure Chest Of Wisdom

If, like me, you want to be wiser than you are, you’re on the right page!

As I was approaching fifty years old I sought the wisdom of my elders.  I sought out men and women older than I was to learn lessons on life that they had been learning.

I wrote just some of the great lessons in a nine-part series I called A Treasure Chest Of Wisdom. There have been a few more very popular posts written filled with wisdom that I’ve included in this “Treasure Chest” I’m calling Other Pearls Of Wisdom.

I was blessed listening to the wise women and men who had the courage to believe that despite my reputation that they were not violating the warning, “Don’t throw pearls down in front of pigs.” I hope you are blessed reading their wisdom.

The Treasure Chest Of Wisdom

1 – Don’t Hold Grudges
2 – Take Care Of Your Health
3 – Compassion & Generosity
4 – Greed Gains Momentum
5 – Gratitude Leads To Contentment
6 – Contentment Leads To Generosity
7 – Find A Mentor
8 – Why Become A Mentor?
9 – Become A Helpful Mentor

The Treasure Chest Of Wisdom – Other Pearls Of Wisdom

10 – 58 Years And Counting
11 – Ernie Harwell the Role Model
12 – Keep Your Love Alive – 10 Proven Steps
13 – Billy Graham in Quotes
14 – Nearing Home: Life, Faith, and Finishing Well by Billy Graham
15 – Younger Next Year by Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge
16 – Fully Alive by Ken Davis
17 – Mondays with My Old Pastor by José Navajo

Note: Any credit is theirs, the errors are mine.