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Dec 13

A Gamble I Wish I Didn’t Take

Posted on Tuesday, December 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today is the 26th anniversary of the day I asked Amy out.

Today Amy and I wrote a sweet piece about the gamble she took when she said “Yes.”

Unfortunately, the gamble that I wish that I didn’t take was to hit the “Save” button without copying and pasting into another document.  The server was down and we lost everything.

Amy: I’m sorry.
Scott: Wanna rewrite it.
Amy: No.

Well there you have it.

We laughed, and then we laughed again when I typed “We laughed”.

We will (re-)tell the rest of the story tomorrow.

Trusting that “Save” would save our document was a gamble I wish that I didn’t take.

Is there a gamble that you took that you wish that you didn’t take?

PS – Amy, thanks for saying YES!

Bring on the comments

  1. I can just hear and see the two of you laughing. Made me smile 🙂 I am glad you asked her and I am glad she said YES!

  2. 1. You know I can’t stand suspense, yet you keep doing this to me!
    2. Thanks for making me laugh at work…between this, and the guy across from me who added ” Ice is back with a brand new invention” to my “STOP…collaborate and Listen” rant.
    3. Congrats on your longevity.

  3. Thanks Lynn!
    As frustrating as it was to have it not post, it was fun to write it the first time.
    Hopefully it will be even more fun to write it a second time.

  4. Thanks Angi!
    The cliffhanger was unintentional!

    Speaking of longevity, I believe you two are at 939 days.
    I think you should plan a 1000 day anniversary party!

  5. Scott, Hahhaha we just may have to do that!

  6. Of course you should!

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