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Jul 15

6 Words Of Wisdom For Worriers

Posted on Friday, July 15, 2011 in Uncategorized


Six Words of wisdom for worriers:

Worry about nothing – pray about everything. 1

I’ve spent the week on the Wolf River rafting with TreeHouse.  It’s a fun river and a great time to connect with people especially during the lazy drifting times on the river.

The rapids and the waterfalls are wonderful opportunities for teamwork, developing communication skills, and decision making.

This picture of me in Sullivan Falls might look scary — and it’s a bit unnerving — was a time I had to think clearly so that I could reach the shore safely.

I did.

With God’s help we can all reach the shore safely.

Worry about nothing – pray about everything.

1 – From David Jeremiah book, Slaying the Giants in Your Life, available here on

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