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Nov 21

5 Cuts to Make This Week

Posted on Monday, November 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yesterday after church Amy and went grocery shopping.  I love the grocery store.  I couldn’t shop for you and love it, because my shopping joy is wrapped up in my absolute delight in the anticipation of eating and enjoying the food I am gathering.

As I reflect on my trip through the grocery store aisles I’m struck with three amazements:

1.  I am amazed at how many foods that are for sale I never eat.

I don’t eat liver and lima beans, but most of you don’t either. On the other hand, I never eat Oreos or cookie dough.  They are the #1 and #2 most popular flavored Blizzards and my local Dairy Queen and I never eat either flavor.    Amy set a package of Oreo-like cookies in the cart explaining, “I think Shannon likes these.”  They are safe.  I’ll never touch them! 

2.  I am amazed at how much my mouth watered as I walked through the aisles.

No kidding, I walked through the frozen aisle looking at the tasty looking items and I remarked to Amy, “My mouth is literally watering.  Maybe I shouldn’t grocery shop when I’m hungry.” Amy wanted to go to Trader Joe’s to pick up some rice milk, we spent $200.  Maybe we should have eaten lunch first.

3.  I am amazed at how my mind never experienced gratitude.

Millions of starving people in the world, and  I never thought, “I am so rich.”

Millions of people have less options in their local stores, and I never thought, “I am so fortunate.”

I Am Rich & Fortunate!

Steve Hanson, one of my heroes, wrote about Florence a woman he met in Uganda.

2 years ago Florence listened to me speak about small business loans while lying on the floor under a blanket, sick.

Florence is HIV positive.  She recieved a small loan and proved to be a sucessful active poor! Last year we built a small home for her and her 2 children Irene and Patrick. She now has something to leave her children…but also several pigs, a small garden and her cooking business is a success!  Her children go to school. Because she eats better, she is living a normal life.

Today we visit her home. These visits are always such a JOYFILLED experience.
I can recommend her chicken, rice and beans and whatever else we had!

Joy-Filled Experiences

This week I am going to make a few painful cuts in my relatively comfortable life to make the world a better place.  I’m inviting you along for the journey.

5 Cuts to Make This Week

Cut #1 – Cut time-wasters, cultivate relationships.

Cut #2 – Cut gluttony, cultivate contentment.

Cut #3 – Cut resentment, cultivate freedom.

Cut #4 – Cut greed, cultivate generosity.

Cut #5 – Cut entitlement, cultivate gratitude.

Today: Cut #1 – Cut time-wasters, cultivate relationships.

I’m starting right now.  I’m calling my mom!

More tomorrow.

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  1. Okay, I can handle this cliff hanger. 🙂 Thanks sir. :O) See you soon.

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  3. Thanks Angi!
    See ya with my movin’ belt on!

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