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May 30

4 Stress-Relief Tips S.T.O.P.

Posted on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Did you have a busy Memorial Day weekend?
Did you have a hard time cranking it back up yesterday at work or school?
Me too.
I was late to my first two meetings as I tried to resume my weekday timeliness.

So what can you do when stress levels rise?


A few years ago Elisha Goldstein on offered four simple, helpful stress relieving tips.

Next time you find your mind racing with stress, try the acronym S.T.O.P.

S – Stop what you are doing, put things down for a minute.

T – Take a breath. Breathe normally and naturally and follow your breath coming in and of your nose. You can even say to yourself “in” as you’re breathing in and “out” as you’re breathing out if that helps with concentration. Let your deep breathing allow for moments to relax.

O – Observe your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

What’s on your mind?

If the thought arises that you are inadequate, just notice the thought, let it be, and continue on.

What feelings rise to the surface?

Notice any emotions that are there and just name them. Recent research out of UCLA says that just naming your emotions can have a calming effect.

Are you standing or sitting?
How is your posture?
Do you have any aches and pains?

P – Proceed with something that will support you in the moment. Whether that is talking to a friend, praying, getting a drink of water or just massaging your shoulders, hands, feet or scalp.


S.T.O.P. will reduce the stress you’re experiencing, but what can you do to help prevent so much stress?

Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love.” 1

When we S.T.O.P. we can reduce our stress. 

When we choose humility, gentleness, and patience we reduce the list of reasons we feel stress.

More tomorrow.


1 – Ephesians 4:2, NLT

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